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Welcome to the

 Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis®




 Administer the T-JTA® personality assessment via the Internet

Your clients complete the T-JTA personality inventory online anytime it's convenient, and you can obtain their results via the Internet on your schedule anywhere. Thousands of people have taken the T-JTA online at TJTA-Online.

Now in several languages, the T-JTA can be completed online in English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Korean and Indonesian.

Use TJTA-ONLINE.com to administer the T-JTA. PPI will score your tests, produce profiles, interpretive reports, both for you and your client. PPI will communicate with clients and provide instructions for taking the T-JTA online.

Your TJTA-ONLINE.com scoring account will make it easier than ever to administer the T-JTA, giving you more time to focus what you do best, and let PPI manage your T-JTA testing programs.

With TJTA-ONLINE.com you can:

  • Conduct individual or couple (Criss-Cross) testing
  • Conduct multiple group administrations
  • Simplify your client communications
  • Print profiles and reports on your schedule

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