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Administer the T-JTA® personality assessment via the Internet

T-JTA Online scoring makes it easier than ever to administer the T-JTA. Your clients take the T-JTA personality inventory online anytime, anywhere from any computer, tablet or mobile device that has internet connectivity. 

Go to SIGN UP NOW to Register and start using T-JTA Online today. 

With the new Counselor Dashboard, your are in control of the T-JTA Online process. Order T-JTA assessments, select the type of output you want, and receive scored results instantly once your clients have submitted their responses. You have the option to generate profiles, counselor reports, and client reports.

Email clients an invitation to take the T-JTA Online, or you can administer the T-JTA in your office while in session. Y. You will receive an email notification when T-JTA results are ready to view and download from your Counselor Dashboard on tjta.com.

Using T-JTA Online, the T-JTA can be administered in a number of languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Korean and Indonesian.

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