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What Are the Benefits of T-JTA® Online Scoring?


  • Flexibility: Your clients can take the assessments at any time, from any location with Internet access.

  • Reduced administrative time: Scoring, Profiling, and Reporting within 24 hours. You print profiles and reports from www.tjtaglobal.com, or receive results by email or mail. Same day service also available.

  • 2012 Norms Latest standarization applied to scoring, profiling, and reporting

  • Accuracy: Avoid errors common in handscoring

  • Security: Your clients use a secure user name and password and only you can view their results.





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An Important Note for Current PPI Customers

Your PPI account number is essential to identify your order history and qualification records. If you have ever ordered from PPI, either by mail, online or by phone, please make sure you follow the link below for existing customers.

If you register as a new customer, you will not have access to your previous order history, and you may need to re-establish your qualifications to purchase.

If you are not sure whether you have an account, or if you don't know your account number, please contact PPI Customer Relations at 800.345-8378 or email tjta@tjta.com before proceeding.


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